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Adam’s media appearances for his 2008 NFL road trip, click here.

Adam’s media appearances for “Tailgate to Heaven” are below:

Interview with Aisha Avery on Sports Gazette

Featured in July/August 2012 edition of Tailgater Monthly.

Interview on Football Diner

Interview with Inside Tailgating.

Steph’s article as a Tailgate Babe on Tailgating Ideas.

Interview in The Times by Fiona Wilson (28 July 2012)

Interview on FOX 5. San Diego

Interview on ESPN 1350 with Mo Egger. (scroll down a bit)

Houston Press talked about the Houston Tailgate scene.

Guest article on NFLUK

Interview on  ESPN Playbook

Interview on Canal Street Chronicles.

Guest column on Sport Magazine

Interview on morning TV in Atlanta on CBS

Featured in Oct/Nov 2012 in Tailgater Monthly

Featured at Ricky’s bar in Oakland

Chimes in Uxbridge.

Featured on Hayes FM

Guest writer on Delayed Gratification (Page 10)

My discussion about how the U.K can learn from U.S sport on BBC London Radio (From the 2 hour mark)

Guest writer about NFL in Britain on London

Guest writer on Double Coverage about the book tour.

Podcast appearance on Gridiron TV

Podcast appearance on North London 40

Podcast appearance on TG and Mitch

Podcast appearance on Tuesday Morning Football

My second article in Sport Magazine

Featured on Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Guest article on Tailgating

My Essay in Chicago Tribune Sunday edition.

Article in The Jewish News.

My Superbowl 43 Article in Sport Magazine.

Interview with Canton Repository

Featured on page 5 of the New York Times

Featured in Sports on Earth

Featured in The Tab

Featured as one of NFL’s six Superfans in their Fan Enough series

My own Fan page on

My article on Thanksgiving for Sport Magazine

My Thursday night column for Tuesday Morning

My book tour article for Crumbs For Men

Interview with

Adam was interveiwed on BBC News about Tailgating in the U.K

Adam was interviewed on Kroger magazine in Sep 2014