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“Tailgate to Heaven  is a damn entertaining read and certainly not just for tailgaters. It’s Hunter Thompson meets Jim McMahon meets Marco Polo with a beer funnel.”

-Lee Hurley. Editor in Chief; Tailgater Monthly Magazine.


“The uniquely American pastime of tailgating has developed its own lifestyle and customs rarely experienced by foreigners. In Tailgate to Heaven, Adam Goldstein takes you through his journey beginning as a British football fan through his metamorphosis into a hardcore tailgater in one NFL season. You may think you know the culture and lifestyle that is tailgating but until you have viewed the NFL parking lots through Goldstein’s eyes, you won’t have the complete picture.”

-Dave Lamm. Founder; TailgatingIdeas.com


I have tailgated at 870 games and I can tell you this, that Adam Goldstein has captured the community spirit of Tailgating with immense passion.

-Joe Cahn.  Commissioner of Tailgating. Tailgating.com


“Adam’s passion for American football and determination to succeed in his ambitious quest shines through and takes the reader on a unique chargrilled American road trip. He’s thrown open the doors and dropped down the tailgate on a face-painted world where socialising, hospitality and having a great game day are the most important things – sometimes even more important than football itself.”

-Nick Richards, author of “Touchdown UK: Before, during and after Britain’s Golden Decade.”


It’s no wonder Americans took to Adam as he went on his journey: like the settlers who travelled west across the US, he is a pioneer. ‘Tailgate To Heaven’ is not just an an enthralling paean to the NFL, its fans and delicious BBQ food, it’s an inspirational tale of what one man with a dream or a goal can accomplish. Adam Goldstein, we salute you. “

-Ben Isaacs. Shorlist.com


“Adam Goldstein is the Alexis de Tocqueville of tailgating: the foreigner who comes to chronicle our curious cultural practices with both a critical eye and the fascination of a school boy. Tailgating is as much a part of the American DNA as fireworks on the 4th of July. We don’t think twice about packing the truck with a grill, food and beer and driving 20, 50 or 200 miles to set up our camp long before the big game. Goldstein brilliantly exposes just how crazy — and cool — our devotion to the party before the game truly is to the outside eye.”

-Kerry J. Byrne.  Founder;  Cold, Hard Football Facts.com

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